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“In fact Southern California does have seasons (it has for example `fire season’ or `the season when the fire comes,’”. . . ) “Seasons in Southern California suggest violence, but not necessarily death.”

-– Joan Didion 

Boo in Chicago

First to all my friends who are evacuated, STAY SAFE. Been there . . . done that and hopefully you will return safely to your homes.

Back in my Victorian world I’ve been doing research on the crinoline which made its first appearance around 1845. At the height of its popularity (as I’ve noted before) the underskirt grew so voluminous as the father of couture Charles Frederick Worth made dresses with over one hundred meters of fabric. Now that’s ‘spensive! But, since its Halloween month, I thought I’d explore a darker side of the crinoline.
Accidents often happened when the ladies wore their wide skirts. Henry Wadsworth Longworth’s wife Fanny died as the result of a fire in 1861, a not infrequent occurrence. The crinoline could be cumbersome and if one was standing too close to a fire and an ember sparked.
Palm Perfect

Pre-Show Shenanigans

I am not the biggest fan of Vegas, but a friend is leaving his show Zumanity that he’s been in for the past 16 years, so I had to take a couple of his friends and surprise him. Fun. I didn’t get to bed until 3:30 a.m. which is usually a time of morning I see on the other end.


Some of you following me on social media and are familiar with Bakin’ Bitch. I only bake, because really is there anything else worth eating? I guess so, but . . . So I’ve decided to up my cake decorating skills. I’ve had some mix success this month (and have unpleasantly added a few extra pounds to Bakin Bitch’s Body!). I did Sugar cookies that spread and lost their spooky shape (still tasted great). Made an insane Carmel Cake with Salt and chocolate dribs and drabs on it. So good, took forever, major SUGAR. I’m glad my family enjoyed it, cuz’ not doing that again. Too much sugar even for me.

The best was my graveyard cake. I designed it and all the little people in my house helped decorate it. I love the open grave, the handmade tombstones with chocolate, and the pumpkins, bones, gates, etc. made with fondant. Proud of this one. Will need to plan a family Christmas one!

Holding Buddah Fingers

Saw a great thing. Those Italians are using straws made out of pasta. Pretty clever. I’ll be able to pretend I’m eating pasta aka carbs, but I’m really drinking my green drinking and pretending its pomodoro sauce. Fat chance!

My Writing Companion, Coco

Have you subscribed to Coco’s You Tube channel? Here’s the link:

In Montecito we live in a gate community, sounds sorta retirement with walking paths and a club. Not at all, its gated, as in tall hedges, no walking paths (or even streetlights). So Trick or Treating is not the best, actually I don’t think it exists in our neighborhood. So once again we are zipping off to Chicago which has the BEST decorations, spirit and candy. One drawback, they got SNOW today! Our costumes this year will be Audrey Hepburn Zombie in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a Sushi (California Roll to be exact) and a Sushi chef.

Burlesque and Pinup Emojis
If your BOOK CLUB would like me to visit via Skype, I’m available. It’s been fun coming into your homes, sending specialty FAN cocktail  recipes before for you all to try. email me at if you want me to join in. A questionnaire is on the website to download for your Book Club.

I promised a little more about “Knife” and Jo Nesbo. The book is number 9 (maybe) in his series starring Harry Hole. You have to start with book 1. Book 1 and 2 I swear seem written by a different author, and not compelling (the reason I assume they weren’t even published in America till after Book 3 became a screaming success) Still its backstory, its good, you’ll fall in love with Harry. Dig in and once you get to Book 3 you’ll be begging for Nesbo to write faster.
The other book I totally enjoyed was “Les Misérables.” Remember I’m on a sorta “classical” book kick (spiced up with Nordic thrillers obviously). But gotta say, this is so compelling. So good. I’ve seen the movies (never the theatrical production) and the newest miniseries with Olivia Coleman (get it on Netflix or Amazon or wherever I saw it) it’s the best adaption I’ve seen. Brilliant acting, a “Hamilton-esque diverse cast.

And what I’m reading or recently read
for complete list, I have everything on Good Reads
as I can’t remember them all!

My best-seller FEUDING FAN DANCERS will be out in paperback October. If you do get on Amazon PLEASE leave me a nice review it helps so much! Thank you to my publisher Counterpoint Press.

See ya between the pages next month . . . (if there ae any typos this month – and every month, its cuz I’m dashing . . . in stilettos.

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