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April 2021

“… light is really all life, you know.”
– painter Agnes Pelton

Chicago Flurries

The little people have been missing Chicago so, end of May we went during Spring Break. It felt more like Winter Break. Shocked at snow flurries (not enough to even land on the ground, but COLD).With 3 out of 4 of us with our first vaccination it felt okay to eat inside. Nice to see stores and restaurants bustling again.Boy it has been rough. So much gone. Barneys! Boarded up, who knows what it will be.
Meet up with my buddy Liz who runs the first and only Beer Museum(I’m on the board) called Brewseum. She’s done an amazing job with an exhibit at the Natural History Museum. Here is the link if interested in beer and supporting.
Lobotomies for All


Back to a very warm Palm Springs – 93 and I love it. It was Modernism Week, and the streets were packed. Made a tour of the PS Art Museum which I’ve mentioned before is terrific. Small and not overwhelming right in the heart of downtown.
Agnes Pelton

The Agnes Pelton landscapes are sublime. Pelton was a German-born modernist painter. (1881-1961), said to be inspired from the occult. Like so many artists, hers was not a happy childhood, her father died of a morphine overdose, her grandparents were mired in scandal involving an affair and the church. As an adult she dressed in Greek-type togas “Pelton’s works were poetic celebrations of nature that explored the vital forces animating the physical world. Interested in themes of creation, growth, and radiance, Pelton translated favorite subjects—a glowing star, an opening flower—into life-affirming images of rare beauty and resonance. In many ways, her paintings resemble the art of her contemporary Georgia O’Keeffe, only more colorful, more spiritual, and more imaginative.” (Michael Zakian) Her work was not really discovered until decades after her death.

Santa Barbara Mission

Speaking of artists – and shameless mother plug – one of the little people has almost entirely sold all his paintings. Check out his website for new ones.

Aurora Mardiganian

In light of Biden’s acknowledging the Armenian murder of about 1.5 million as genocide, I updated my “Medium” story about Aurora Mardiganian, whose story moves from death march to Hollywood star.

Stories Matter

The latest group of Stories Matter is plugging away with guests author Natalie Jenner, author Marci Darling and Rockstar (real) Malina Moye zooming with us. There are six girls from across the country exploring poetry and story. The young storytellers are articulate, passionate, and interested.
My book club with ENTITY Magazine will be with bestselling author Randa Jarrar. Jarrar is an American writer. We will be discussing A Map of Home, and her memoir, Love Is an Ex-Country.

Burlesque and Pinup Emojis
I was invited to join a book club discussion of my Goddess of Love Incarnate and being a dance mom, I had to do it from my car in a parking lot. Turned out fine!
If your BOOK CLUB would like me to visit via Zoom, I’m available. It’s been fun coming into your homes, sending specialty FAN cocktail recipes before for you all to try, email me at if you want me to join in. A questionnaire is on the website to download for your Book Club.
I’ve booked a whole bunch of podcasts, IG Live, Zoom talks, Clubhouse mostly on women empowerment and a bunch on burlesque. My little film and book that will not die. Behind the Burly Q.

Great Read


What I’ve been reading and recommending some amazing books. AMAZING. The Daughters of Kobani about Syrian Kurds fighting and defeating ISIS. Oh, and they are young women. This book blew my socks off, I know so little about the region, but the courage and conviction of these young women is astounding. The most disturbing thing to read in the book was the depiction of markets were women and girls are sold from cages. The Woman with the Blue Star, is another fascinating read by Pam Jenoff. This one takes place mostly in the sewers of Krakow, where a couple families are hiding from the Nazis, based on true history. Pam’s books are always page turners, emotional and interesting. Then there was We Begin at the End. Run don’t walk to buy this book. Devastatingly emotional. Any book recommended by one of my fav writers, Wally Lamb, is a must read. The book reminds me of Wally’s that deal with family, loneliness. This is a crime mystery and there is one thirteen-year-old Duchess, a self-proclaimed “outlaw” who you’ll fall in love with.
Also, if you could give some love to this new writer and purchase her book, it is called “Miracle; Endless Possibilities.” Let me tell you a little about the young writer. Lucie Rose Courtois is 20 years old. She was born blind and has endured 14 coronial transplants, more than most children or adults could handle but Lucie is a “miracle” and an inspiration to those that meet her. Her book is one of hope, friendships and being a little “different” and the endless possibilities life holds for each of us. I met her briefly in New Orleans at one of my book signings. Here is the Amazon link (its only $14.00) and would make her so happy.

And what I’m reading or recently read
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