1. What did you think of both Sally and Faith’s actions regarding their feud? Did they
behave appropriately? Could they have done anything differently to prevent the very
public fight?
2. What, if anything, do you think could have saved Faith?
3. What about the theme of a girl only being beautiful when she’s told she’s beautiful?
Does this still relate to girls today?
4. Do you think Sally and/or Faith found freedom and independence in their work? Did it
make you think differently about “fan dancers” and possibly society and your perception
of someone who dances nude for a living?
5. Working in the nude in the 1930s was not generally accepted. Do you consider Sally
and/or Faith feminists?
6. Did you feel they were exploited or were in control of their careers?
7. Why do you think Sally had the decades-long career and Faith struggled to find
8. How were they alike and different? Did you like one more than the other and if so
9. Both had complicated relationships with their mothers. How did this effect their
decisions? Did they feel loved or used?
10. How did you feel about Faith’s ending? And Sally’s? Did you “like” one character
more than the other?
11. Do you have a new perspective on showgirls? What?
12. Men mostly write about history through the lens of other men’s stories. How does
FFD show a different perspective on history from these character’s points of view
13. What are the benefits of a nonfiction story? Where there any ways it was like a

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