“After being mentored by Leslie, I write with a self-assuredness I never knew.”
– Delaney Staack

“I felt encouraged and empowered by the authors and entrepreneurs that dedicated time to converse with me, including Stories Matter director, Leslie Zemeckis.”
– Valanci Villa

“Receiving specific and personal feedback on my poems from a seasoned professional helped me grow immensely as a writer; you don’t get that one-on-one attention from professors at a university!”
– Nicole Albanese

“Her [Zemeckis] example of straightforward, direct leadership has also made a lasting impact on me. I am also so grateful to have been put in Leslie’s path as a mentee, to have been able to reap the joys and opportunities she has continued to share with me, from guest speakers, to real world work opportunities, to now long time good friendships with my fellow mentees.”
– Hunter Hawkins